An Elegant Engagement Session in Norfolk, Virginia | Virgina Wedding & Engagement Photographer

JANUARY 10, 2024

Mickey & Aaron have been my clients for going on FIVE wonderful years. It started when I responded to Mickey's request for a maternity photographer that honors varying skin tones in a local Facebook group for moms - and here we are! I've worked with them for not only that maternity session but also numerous branding sessions for Mickey (she's a leading Realtor in the 757), their engagement, AND their May 2023 wedding. I no longer offer maternity work, so those days are long gone but Aaron & Mickey have stayed with me at every turn and their repeat trust in me is one of my greatest joys in the work that I do. 

Mickey's initial insistence at finding a photographer that compliments her family's blended ethnicities and complexions leads to a topic that's not discussed as openly as it should be - ACCURATE SKIN TONES ARE IMPORTANT!  In both the act of photographing clients and editing portraits, you should feel confident that your chosen photographer can represent you and your beloved accurately and without compromising your natural complexion. This is especially true and a sometimes difficult obstacle for clients with varying skin tones between each partner and/or clients with darker skin. It is no secret that BIPOC are underrepresented in the mainstream photography industry, hence this topic even having to be spoken on.  It is a conversation I have with almost all of my clients during their consultation and I intentionally provide space for concerns like this to be addressed.

My hope is that should this be something at the forefront of your photography needs, you feel confident and comfortable in discussing it with the photographer of your choosing - even if that photographer is not me.


Dakotah Van Doran is an editorial wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer in Virginia Beach. She serves couples throughout Virginia and the Washington D.C. area with occasional travel upon special request to areas outside of Virginia & the United States. Her work best compliments fashion-forward, excitedly in-love couples.