Traveling Editorial Wedding & Engagement Photographer Based in Virginia

May 9th, 2024

While visiting my best friend in San Diego I'd planned to take advantage of the gorgeous SoCal scenery with an elaborate styled elopement, but as with all things - plans sometimes unexpectedly change (if you saw my IG post about this - you know what happened, lol). So instead I purchased this wedding gown offline and shipped it to meet me in San Diego. I asked Bri (the best friend) to model for me and here we are - no florals, no shoes, and she did her own hair and makeup.

These bridal portraits were created from the bare minimum of a budget wedding gown (okay, it was $600 so that's not cheap just to use for a quick shoot but I was committed to the vision!) and a pair of earrings from Target. My original plans of a professional model couple, florist, gown rental, and makeup artist didn't pan out but I'm thankful. Sometimes the magic is in simplicity - and I think that can be a testament to how changed plans for a wedding day or deviations from a timeline create some of the most beautiful images that we capture at DVD. 

Dreamy Seaside Bridal Session in San Diego

Dakotah Van Doran is an editorial wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer in Virginia Beach. She serves couples throughout Virginia and the Washington D.C. area with occasional travel upon special request to areas outside of Virginia & the United States. Her work best compliments fashion-forward, excitedly in-love couples.