Virginia Editorial Wedding & Engagement Photographer

JANUARY 8, 2024

Abby's asymmetrical satin dress speaks to the nuances of planning your engagement session - well-fitting wardrobe items are a must, but the cut and fabric of a signature piece is intricately intertwined with the resulting mood of your portraits. Fabrics like satin and silk have a sheen that delivers such a show-stopping elegance in photos. I work with all of my couples in the planning of their session - from the vibe to the location to your wardrobe, everything is tailored to your vision.

Dan and Abby chose a stunning rooftop location in Downtown Norfolk's busy metropolitan area to pair their vision of a chic cityscape with Dan's white Harley Davidson. 

They had originally inquired with me to photograph their engagement session but after a few chats with Abby I KNEW she was a bride I would be excited to work with - she is the epitome of cool girl and the way she spoke about she & Dan's love story was so captivating . One quick phone call after a few message exchanges on Instagram and they were excitedly booking for BOTH their engagement session & May 2024 wedding! And shit, I'm so glad they did - if their wedding is half as thoughtful and detail-oriented as this stunning engagement session was - all of my photographer dreams would come true. 

And would you believe these portraits took place in January? In the icy wind tunnel that is the waterfront of Downtown Norfolk? They're both troopers for making this work because it was chilly, y'all!

Chic Rooftop Motorcycle Engagement Session in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia

Dakotah Van Doran is an editorial wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer in Virginia Beach. She serves couples throughout Virginia and the Washington D.C. area with occasional travel upon special request to areas outside of Virginia & the United States. Her work best compliments fashion-forward, excitedly in-love couples.

A note on the importance of Wardrobe Selections from the Photographer: